Sunday, September 06, 2009

Why MobileMe ISN'T Worth It

Once upon a time, MobileMe was called ".Mac" (pronounced dot-mac). I bought this service for one year, and though it was cool having an exclusive email address like, there wasn't much else that justified the $100 I paid. For one (then and now), the storage space was too minimal (you can get free space using DropBox that's the equivalent of MobileMe's paid space). For the same $100 a year, I have a business-level web hosting account with ixweb.

The real deal-breaker for me with MobileMe was the syncing between computers, which NEVER WORKED. My understanding is that it still doesn't work right. The iPhone now makes that irrelevant for me. If you don't have an iPhone then a normal cellular phone or Google probably makes that irrelevant for you too.

It's true that the Find My iPhone feature is tempting, but if Apple was smart about this, they'd recognize that most features they're selling with MobileMe are available free online. They should sell just the Find My iPhone and Back to My Mac features for a cheaper cost; they'd make more money. I'd subscribe for those features, if the price was right.

“Is a MobileMe subscription worth the money?”

Umm… It’s complicated.

[From Why MobileMe is really worth it | Web Services | MacUser | Macworld]


Impaler said...

"My understanding is that it still doesn't work right."

Your understanding? I'm not defending MM, as it's far from perfect, but I've had MM sync for six calendars, 700+ contacts, and tons of email working on my iPhone 3G, iMac and MacBook, both running Snow Leopard.

I recommend before you pan a service completely, you run your OWN tests, and determine for yourself if something works, not just go based on third parties.

Shane Hendricks said...

Well, actually not just 'my understanding.' Will Steve Jobs' understanding suffice for you (see the link)? Did you ever run dotmac? Did you even follow any links in my post and read my previous troubleshooting posts on dotmac? Those were my own tests! I tested it for a year and it sucked. It was like a dot-butt-crack when syncing:

Apple's sync has sunk.