Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yojimbo 1.2 Quick Input Panel Crap (and .Mac syncing)

MacUpdate: Yojimbo Reviews: I like the app, but the Quick Input F-key keeps saying:

'Yojimbo could not communicate with the Quick Input Helper.'

Nothing I've tried seems to fix the error. (9/30/2006, Version: 1.2)

1 Reply To Review:

I finally fixed this problem. Solution: Close Yojimbo, move ~/Library/Application Support/Yojimbo to Desktop, reopen Yojimbo, close it again, return the above folder to its original position.

Now Quick Input Panel works again...go figure.

However, .Mac syncing hasn't worked. I'm hoping this will fix it too.

(10/10/2006, Version: 1.2)

Google Software Downloads for the Mac

Google Software Downloads for the Mac: "All kinds of great Google goodies for the Macintosh!"

Memory = the source of many problems!

For the last several months, I had numerous problems with my old G4 AGP dual 1.2, which has been as upgraded just about as far as it can go. The problems included recurrent program crashes (especially Safari) and random kernel panics.

I used a little utility called Rember and discovered that a few memory sticks I had were bad. Tech Tool Pro (grumble, grumble) did not catch these errors, so if you think you're having memory issues, please run another utility (apparently, the hardware test disc Apple ships with newer Macs can catch these problems too). You can also run Memtest (which is really the command-line basis of Rember); the author charges $1 to download it (very reasonable given that you can boot in single-user to test MOST of your RAM).

In my case, Memtest wasn't necessary. Rember caught the defective RAM right away, and I narrowed it down to 2 sticks by pulling them one at a time, restarting, and testing with Rember until the errors were gone.

I had 2 bad DIMMs--one at 128 MB and another at 512 MB. So I ordered 2 new 512 MB sticks from OWC (with lifetime warranty). The new memory checked out fine with Rember, and I've had no kernel panics or other major issues since installing it. The old Mac is rock-solid!

Now, how did this happen? I think a Tiger update somewhere down the line didn't agree with those two older RAM sticks. The lesson is to suspect bad RAM (or other hardware) if you're having weird crashes and random panics suddenly.

Yojimbo sync stynk

Apple - Support - Discussions - Yojimbo sync problems ...:

Michael Lafferty over at Apple Support Discussions may have found a trick to help users through problems with Yojimbo syncing. In my own experience, I finally got most of.Mac syncing to work with Tiger 10.4.7, but Yojimbo was the exception. My Powerbook would never update its database using the info from my other Mac.

"Has anyone at Bare Bones Software explained how to reset the Sync Services framework?You can do so by launching iSync, opening the Preferences pane and pressing the Reset Sync History button.

What this does is simply reinitialize the truth, leaving your data intact, all sync clients registered, and creating a condition in which the next synchronization event is considered the first you have ever performed.

Doing that will often clear up what appear to be stalled or incomplete synchronization tasks on the part of any registered client.Here is a link to a document which explains how this 'hidden' framework operates: "

Friday, October 06, 2006

Tweaked Firefox - Surf Anonymously

Tweaked Firefox Lets You Surf Internet Without a Trace:

"A tweaked version of Firefox that makes Web browsing anonymous has been released by a group of privacy-minded coders."

If you're a paranoid privacy type, this just might be for you.

Text Encoding: Question mark inside a diamond

Text Encoding: Question mark inside a diamond [Archive] - OSCR Help Forums:

If you encounter this issue with UTF-8 text encoding (or other encoding), adjust your preferences to Western (ISO Latin 1).