Sunday, October 23, 2011

iPhoto No Longer Recognizing iPhone?

If you moved to iOS 5 on your iPhone and downloaded the latest version of iPhoto (that allows for Photo Stream using iCloud), you may have noticed that your iPhone is no longer recognized by iPhoto when you physically plug it into a Mac running Lion. iOS 5 brought all sorts of new features, including WiFi sync and automatic download of your phone's new photos over the last 30 days using Photo Stream (part of iCloud). But with that power comes the inevitable hiccups.

These new features and conveniences can create a problem if you had old photos hanging around on your iPhone that hadn't been transferred to iPhoto.

You might think, "Big deal, I'll just use the wang-bang new iCloud to transfer my old photos." Nope. Only new ones. What I did to fix this was to follow some of the information in the troubleshooting link below. The primary fix for me was unplugging and replugging the docking station from my Mac Pro. That seemed to fix it and now my iPhone is recognized by iPhoto, even with Photo Stream and WiFi syncing enabled. Time will tell, but always open up Image Capture to see if your computer is recognizing your iPhone's physical connection (via USB).

Try using the photo-management software built in to your computer's operating system:

Mac OS X: Open Image Capture (located in the Applications folder).

[From iOS: Unable to import photos or device not recognized as a camera]

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lion-to-Lion File Sharing Troubles: Fix!

After upgrading our machines at home to Lion, I discovered that AFP file sharing no longer functioned. I would get various errors when trying to connect from one machine to another. The errors were things like "too many users connected." Well, after much research (apparently there are many problems with Lion's implementation of AFP and SMB), I found that deleting the preference file referenced below and rebooting fixed my file sharing issues.

I had what seems to be the same problem, and I think I solved it: In /Library/Preferences/ there were two keys, maxConnections and maxGuests, that were set to 0. Looked like this:

maxConnections 0
maxGuests 0

I changed the values to 10, and it seems to be working now.

[From Unable to share files with other Macs...: Apple Support Communities]