Saturday, April 14, 2007

Vista full of "Craplets" | Apple takes advantage

I guess PCs come with a lot of preinstalled "crapware" these days. It's crapware because it's crippled tease software that must be purchased to unlock the full capabilities of the software. Here's another reason why PCs just plain suck...they basically suck your will to live in more ways than one.

MacNN | "Craplets" may affect Vista experience:

Microsoft is worried that unwanted software bundles could affect the success of Windows Vista, according to a senior Microsoft executive.

Apple has taken full advantage with a new ad:

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Is Vista a bomb or a hit???

Depending on which media outlet you believe, Vista is either doing poorly or doing so well that it's hurting OS X sales:

MacNN | Vista awareness doing little for sales:

"Vista promised better performance, reliability, security, and a revolutionary user interface - but it appears consumers looking to upgrade are not ready to buy into the promise," said Harris VP Milton Ellis.

Macworld: News: Vista taking a nibble out of Apple in OS wars?:

Windows Vista more than doubled its market share in March from the prior month, while the share of computers running Mac OS X fell for the first time in nine months, according to statistics released Thursday by market research firm Net Applications. [original source: Computerworld]

I think that CW is primarily a PC-related outlet, so maybe they have an axe to grind against Apple. No matter what, MS is still following Apple's lead in every way. So for a company that's falling further behind MS, Apple sure is dictating how the market goes:

Microsoft changes tune on selling DRM-free songs - Yahoo! News:

Following digital music pioneer Apple's lead yet again, Microsoft said this week it will soon sell digital music online without DRM (digital rights management) protection.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

MS always just responding to Apple

MacNN | MS aims at iPhone-like browsing:

Microsoft today issued a response to the iPhone's mobile version of Safari with Deepfish, the codename for a new technology designed for Windows Mobile 5 or 6 smartphones to provide a more desktop-like web browser experience.

Here we go again. MS thinks Apple's iPhone is a mistake, but yet we see this move???

And just the other day, MS was bragging about how much safer Vista is than OS X and other UNIX-flavored OSes. Now, we see this:

Microsoft Investigating Windows Zero-Day Bug - Yahoo! News:

Microsoft Corp. has confirmed a new Windows zero-day bug that is already being targeted by attackers.

And this:

Microsoft: Attacks on Windows flaw rise - Yahoo! News:

SEATTLE - Hackers stepped up attacks Friday on computers running some versions of Windows, a day after Microsoft disclosed a hole related to the mouse cursor. Microsoft Corp. sent out a security advisory Thursday warning customers that a vulnerability in ".ani" files — used to change the cursor into an hourglass while a program works, or into a dancing animal or other animation on specially designed Web sites — was allowing hackers to break into computers and install malicious software.

The folks at MS are either really stupid or really bad liars. Or both...