Saturday, January 20, 2007

Steve Ballmer is an idiot

Continuing in his usual path of lying, copycat, bumble-fumble stupidity, Microsoft douche bag Steve Balmer came out officially against an Apple product--the new iPhone. No, say it ain't so! This doofus wouldn't have a product if Apple hadn't been there for him to pirate in the early days of M$ Windows. As a matter of fact, M$ hates every Apple product that they openly plagiarize.

And for a company that sells Windbloze for as much as his does, he has a lot of room to talk about the iPhone in terms of price. The fact he leaves out in his interview is that the iPhone is MORE than just a phone, so it's going to sell great! I'm sure he isn't going to be happy about it, since Apple is out-innovating Microsoft any day of the week.


Anonymous said...

While I agree that Ballmer is an idiot, I wouldn't put THAT much stock in Apple, either, especially the iPhone.

Of course, I've met too many Apple fanboys who overlook the fact that there's not one thing the iPhone did that other smart phones have been doing for the past decade.

Use a Treo much? How about a Blackberry?

Ever do telnet or SSH from an iPhone? I didn't think so.

Shane Hendricks said...

Unfortunately anonymous, (and good job for being bravely anonymous) you failed to address anything important in my post.

The point was that Ballmer poo-poo'd the fledgling iPhone away as if it was nothing. He boldly predicted it would be a flop. It wasn't...

Today, iPhone 3G is being released and people are lined around street corners to buy it--AGAIN! No lines like that for a MS Zune or Vista.

I don't own an iPhone yet...but it won't be long. And no, a Treo or Blackberry haven't been doing what an iPhone can do, either. The iPhone's strength is its interface, though as usual...everyone is copying Apple now and making iPhone clones.