Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yojimbo sync stynk

Apple - Support - Discussions - Yojimbo sync problems ...:

Michael Lafferty over at Apple Support Discussions may have found a trick to help users through problems with Yojimbo syncing. In my own experience, I finally got most of.Mac syncing to work with Tiger 10.4.7, but Yojimbo was the exception. My Powerbook would never update its database using the info from my other Mac.

"Has anyone at Bare Bones Software explained how to reset the Sync Services framework?You can do so by launching iSync, opening the Preferences pane and pressing the Reset Sync History button.

What this does is simply reinitialize the truth, leaving your data intact, all sync clients registered, and creating a condition in which the next synchronization event is considered the first you have ever performed.

Doing that will often clear up what appear to be stalled or incomplete synchronization tasks on the part of any registered client.Here is a link to a document which explains how this 'hidden' framework operates: "

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Shane Hendricks said...

Never did work for me. I went with Journler and Keychain Access!