Wednesday, August 02, 2006

.Mac outages

MacNN | Apple's .Mac outages anger users:

Apple's .Mac suite of internet/Web services has been suffering several outages recently, and some users have began to lash out against Apple. According to CNET, users are claiming these outages are unacceptable"

Follow up on my own .Mac syncing problems as of 8/2/06:

With the release of OS 10.4.7, my .Mac syncing woes mostly went away. Bookmarks finally started syncing as intended--about 5 months after I joined and paid for dotmac. Apple graciously granted me extra iDisk space in return for my trouble, which I accepted. However, every now and then something will stop syncing and I'll have to do a reset to get it back. It's not perfect, but I'm happier than when I started with my paid service. As you can see by the article above, I haven't been the only one upset with Apple over dotmac.

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