Friday, July 14, 2006

Poot, spark, sputter - ATI Rage 128 PCI

I was all excited when my new Focusrite Saffire firewire audio interface showed up. Until I realized that any significant movement on my second monitor (attached to an old ATI Rage 128 PCI card) caused popping, crackling, and resetting on the interface. Unacceptable. So, I bought (on eBay) a flashed PC version of the ATI Radeon 9200 to run both monitors. It’s a PCI card (for PC) that was professionally flashed to be an AGP Mac version, so it replaced my Rage 128 Pro AGP and the Rage 128 PCI (freeing up a slot for me too). It’s working great and no more pops and crap on my audio interface. Plus, I can see all the neat Quartz Extreme stuff I was missing; note: NO CORE IMAGE support though. The new problem: I couldn’t sleep my Mac anymore. But I remedied this by playing with the ATI Displays utility settings. I turned off a bunch of features that didn’t seem necessary (not sure which did the trick) and my computer would sleep again. Yeah! NOTE: Even though it sleeps again (I also reapplied all the latest ROM and software updates from ATI), occasionally it goes to sleep with a high-pitched whirling sound (I’m assuming this is the fan on the card). Doesn’t do this all the time, but what they hey...this is card is a hack.

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