Thursday, July 27, 2006

AlphaBaby 1.51 - MacUpdate

AlphaBaby 1.51 - MacUpdate:


AlphaBaby lets even infants and toddlers have fun playing with the computer. My kids love to play with the computer. Unfortunately, they also have the habit of renaming my hard drive to 'axlfkaj'. So, I wrote AlphaBaby so they could safely use the Mac without inflicting too much damage! Every time a key is pressed or the mouse is clicked, a letter or shape is drawn. Sounds can be played every time something is drawn.

Your own sounds and pictures can also be used. AlphaBaby helps kids to learn letters, plus provides a s"

This seems like a great idea for you Mac folks out there with a baby or toddler (like I have) who is dying to play with your computer!

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