Monday, May 31, 2010

Ecto Finally Updated to 3.0.2

Seems like every time I buy software, I get screwed. The developer stops developing the software, or the developer gets bought out by a bigger company (who ignores the software), or both. At any rate, I had nearly given up on favorite blogging software (which was chock full of bugs). Still not much better than Ecto out there, so I'm glad they've finally paid it some attention.

ecto 3.0.2 was released today via the built in software updater. The ecto 3.0.2 release includes the following fixes:

updated Amazon plugin
updated Flickr plugin
include Atom03 plugin by default (mostly for older Japanese blog systems)
fixed a URL redirect handling bug
minor documentation updates (link to correct location for support forum, etc.)
the ecto updater now uses a different XML feed to update the software based on the operating system version, separating Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) from later versions, (Leopard and higher)

[From illumineX: ecto 3.0.2 released]


Paul Banas said...

Any update to this story. I've given up on it dozens of times, but keep coming back. And the copy on one machine is so buggy, it's completely unreliable.

I'm surprised Adriaan didn't take this back - the current owner clearly isn't interested.

Shane Hendricks said...

I still have this annoying link history bug that I wish they'd fix. Oh well…