Sunday, June 01, 2008

Apple censors can't stop me

PowerbookConcerning my recent post on the Powerbook G4 lower RAM slot failure issue, I made a post on Apple Discussions that was promptly taken down. So I’ll just post the email I received from the gracious Apple Host (along with my original post) here for all to see:

Apple removed your post on Apple Discussions, titled “Re: logic board died after being replaced 2 years ago,” because it contained the following:

* Discussion of Apple Policies, Procedures or Decisions
* Polls or Petitions
* Non-constructive rants or complaints

We are including a copy of your post at the end of this email for your reference.

Our terms of use, which include helpful information about using Apple Discussions, is located here: We encourage you to continue using the Apple Discussions while abiding by our terms of use.

Kind regards,

Apple Discussions staff


A copy of your message for reference:

My Powerbook G4 1.5 GHz 15” (1 GB RAM) also recently developed the lower RAM slot failure. Our PB had slowed to a crawl, so I popped open System Profiler and noticed that half my RAM was missing (lower slot showed EMPTY). I thought it was the memory, so I bought another stick and tried it in both slots—the lower slot continued to show EMPTY, while the upper slot was OK.

My problem is that my PB’s serial number DOES NOT FALL within the arbitrary range selected by Apple for the Repair Extension Program. I spent an hour yesterday on the phone with Apple Tech Support, and they want me to take it to the Apple Store here in San Antonio to be checked out. Of course, they will discover (like me) that the lower slot is bad, and then they will tell me what the person at Apple told me on the phone—I’ll HAVE TO PAY TO FIX IT BECAUSE IT’S NOT IN THE SERIAL NUMBER RANGE SELECTED BY APPLE FOR THE REPAIR EXTENSION PROGRAM

I have found many examples via Google of Apple customers in my exact predicament—lower slot failure with Powerbooks outside of that serial number range. Seems to me that Apple has a bigger problem than they want to admit, so let the class actions begin. One way or another, Apple will have to own up to this considerable problem.

Recommend others searching here and having my problem snoop around via Google and sign the petition and the class action that’s being started.


giogom said...

Been on the Petition list for 2 years and totally agree with you. Apple's attitude outrageous! On the other hand, a small group of us tried to motivate signatories but met with zilch reaction. It seems the complainers have no collective action sense and we gave up. Same with class action, no lawyers interested. A shame, a good case. Read about First Phase discovering what defect is. Could be fixed for $50, Apple and Co. talk about $500, like using a bulldozer to plant a salad patch. Ridiculous. Typical example of corporate irrationality, wastefulness, imbecility
and, yes, arrogance. Even Apple.
Hey, if you're interested to rap about this, let me know.

giorgio gomelsky

Shane Hendricks said...


Thanks for your response. I signed up for the class action but have yet to hear anything. Annoying. I've heard that if you bring it to an Apple Store they'll take care of you, but it sucks that I'll have to be w/o the laptop while they fix it--even for free.

Apple is too good for all these defects that inevitably pop up in their products from time-to-time; then they make their loyal customers file suits to get resolution. Not classy at all.