Monday, December 31, 2007

New Apple Keyboard!

Well, this New Year's Eve, I stupidly spilled coffee into my old Kensington keyboard, while typing away over at GtrOblq. Even though I took it apart and used a hair dryer on it, the bottom row of keys refused to come back to life. So, we did a mad dash to the nearest Best Buy before they closed for New Year's Eve, and I purchased one of those slender, new Apple keyboards. We didn't have time to make it to the Apple Store at La Cantera, because everything closed at 6 pm.

Man, what a great keyboard! I barely feel like I'm typing, and it's so thin that I don't even need a wrist support! Yeah! The front housing is made of Aluminum, so it seems sturdy. I looked at the other Mac-compatible keyboards, but they all came with a mouse and were at least $20 more than the Apple keyboard! So much for that theory that Apple is more expensive.

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Russ said...

You got the keyboard? Groovy. I'm considering taking the plunge myself. A bit pricey for my budget and my Bondi Blue iMac keys still work but the allure of an Apple keyboard... gives me chills. I still need to buy another external hard drive enclosure. Seems the one I had was a piece of crap. We'll see how it all goes. :)