Saturday, July 07, 2007

"File type not supported" iPod syncing errors

Apple - Support - Discussions - File type not supported

A bizarre problem recently popped up after I had updated to iTunes 7.2. Suddenly, certain songs would no longer sync with the iPod, even though I had ripped them from my own CDs. These weren't iTMS purchases. And there were only 4 mp3s out of a library of nearly 4K songs that wouldn't sync over anymore.

The solution was simple (but stupid on Apple's part):

In iTunes, drag the songs to the desktop.
Then delete them from iTunes.
Re-add the files back in to iTunes.

No clue why this happened.


Dug said...

I get the same error. These files used to play fine, and all of the sudden itunes will not "copy" them over.
They should already be on my ipod since they have been playing fine...

Shane Hendricks said...

Go ahead and try the solution using your iTunes library and see if that fixes the problem. I bet a reimport will solve your issue.