Sunday, February 25, 2007

MS continues its anti-competitive practices

MacNN | Mac users pay more, MS blames security:

Microsoft has ensured that Mac owners will pay a premium for using its Vista operating system in a virtualized environment -- such as Parallels Desktop -- due to a portion of the Redmond-based company's license agreement forbidding such action.

Does this garbage really surprise anyone? So Macs can now run Windows, huh? Well, you should have known M$ would find a way to dig under the hood and make it tough. The goal? To harm the rival it always steals ideas from, of course. What "security" problems could Macs possibly pose to WIndows, and vice-versa?

Need more proof on M$ plans to take over the electronic world? Check this TechWeb article on Yahoo!:

In a direct challenge to Adobe, Microsoft Corp. said on Friday that three major news publishers -- Associated Newspapers Ltd., Forbes Inc. and Hearst Corp. -- are planning to develop their own digital reader applications using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) display technology.

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