Thursday, April 06, 2006

Windows on an Intel Mac? It's here!

I never thought I’d see the day Apple first adopted Intel as its processor supplier, and I definitely didn’t see Apple opening up to let the Mac boot/run Windows. But that’s finally happened.

This should allow Apple to eventually control more of the home computer/notebook market share and compete heavily with other PC manufacturers, such as Dell. It also makes Intel and Microsoft happy! Bottom line is that Apple, MS, and Intel will all go on growing and cooperating to a certain extent, which is great for the computer user (and especially the Mac user).

More can be found here. Apple apparently will support dual booting, but 3rd party developers will have to save the day to allow simultaneous operation of both systems with a small performance hit. Either way this will solve many compatibility problems that plague Mac users, and this could even grow interest in Apple’s OS, as more PC users will be drawn to the Mac now.

Good business move Apple! And to think of the numerous reports of Apple’s demise over the years (check out Mac Observer’s Apple Death Knell Counter).

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